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Welcome to BBB. This site will be your passport to all things good in South East Queensland as well as other parts of the Internet World.

BBB is the result of the efforts of a number of contributers. The aims of BBB include;

* disseminate the virtues of the Great South East

* bring interesting sites to your attention

* find out some of the things to do.

Be fair!

The contributors, otherwise known as the Boonah Band, believe in the Freedom of the Net but will at all times endevour to avoid links to sites that are against our collective sensibilities, whatever they may be. Some contributors wish to remain anonymous so the public face of BBB will rest with Gary McEwan. and all questions, suggestions, complaints etc. may be addressed to him. Be polite and you will get a reply!

BBB would like to thank and endorse Ozsell .com for their assistance in BBB.

Come and enjoy the difference.

All graphics used at BBB are either the property of BBB, used with permission or in the Public Domain. If you believe that copyright has been infringed please contact BBB immediately so that any changes can be made.